Friday, October 5, 2012

It bears repeating...they ride SIDE SADDLE!

SOUND TRACKS reporters bring you behind-the-scenes stories about the power of music to touch our hearts and shake things up. Explore the world. Embrace new artists. Connect through music. Segments include music by Wynton Marsalis, Youssou N'dour, and the outrageous group Of Monsters and Men. Four exceptional artists in live performances and revealing interviews show how music is changing the world...SOUND TRACKS... Friday at 8pm

Voces on PBS features a documentary about Mexican rodeo women competing in the National Charro Championships in Mexico...and they ride side saddle. ESCARAMUZA: RIDING FROM THE HEART...Friday at 9pm

Sunday's line-up includes the next episode of CALL THE MIDWIFE, life in WWII England amid the hardships of nurses and their patients...
UPSTAIRS/DOWNSTAIRS SERIES 2 begins anew, picking up the story of life at the estate on both ends of the dinner table...
and BROADWAY: THE AMERICAN MUSICAL chronicles the early history of the Great White Way, when the intersection of Broadway and 42nd was nobody's idea of "the crossroads of the world." But then came Ziegfeld, Irving Berlin, and George M. Cohan...all starting Sunday at 7pm

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